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Review of the annual meeting | Thanksgiving, accompanied by you

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Review of the annual meeting | Thanksgiving, accompanied by you

As the saying goes, "Talent is the primary productivity of an enterprise." To transform talent resources into productivity, effective talent management must be implemented. First and foremost, the culture of the company and the harmonious working atmosphere are very important factors. The sense of belonging of the employees, the cohesiveness of the team and the relative sense of belonging can make the talents more willing to take root.


Ginto not only has the eyes to discover the talents, but also good at being talent scout, infects every employee with action, and turns the company into a big family. Looking back at the annual meeting of Ginto company, a grand gathering of reunion, all the Ginto people gathered together to enjoy the joy; it was a glorious event, a year of hard work and sweat bloomed at this moment, enjoying the glory; it was a grand event for the future, pray for more harvest in the coming year!


When the calendar was turned over page by page, the Ginto people accompanied by another season of rain and wind, another season of Spring and Autumn. All employees of the company work diligently in their respective positions, so that all the work of the company can be successfully completed in the face of various tests, reflecting a good corporate spirit, and made an important contribution to fulfill the company's tasks successfully. 


The wonderful lottery session at the meeting made everyone happy and forgot the fatigue of whole year. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the company, everyone will overcome difficulties, work diligently, and create benefits for the company without sacrificing. In the future, the company's business will certainly flourish.


Founded in 2011, Foshan Nanhai Ginto Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd. has developed from a small enterprise and has achieved good development thanks to the unremitting efforts of all employees. It has a stable staff team of 80-90 working staffs. We always adhere to the spirit of being responsible to society, customers and enterprises, carefully crafting every detail of each product, providing quality products and services to the society and creating value for customers.


For the employment side, we firmly believe that to develop, talent is the key. In order to seek long-term development, we have established and improved the talent pool, and strive to make all employees do their best to make the best use of it, so that every employee can play their role in his position. Dedicated to the loyalty, the value of each individual can be fully reflected in the work.


The famous entrepreneur Inamori Kazuo said in his work "Way to do": "Work is practice." Work can exercise humanity and sharpen the mind. Work is the most noble, important and valuable behavior in life. For those who love work, luck is definitely not bad.


Going through the end of the year together, imagine the new starting point, the road is blocked and long. I hope that the growing Ginto people will gather together and work together to make the work even better, Ginto will praise you!




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