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Wice a year! Ginto Lighting shines in the spring/autumn fair

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Wice a year! Ginto Lighting shines in the spring/autumn fair

The twice a year spring/autumn Canton fair is a great opportunity for exhibitors to show innovative products. The quality products are gathered at the fair, the same place, but has different discovery in the first half and the latter half of the year. So we often see many familiar "shadows" at the exhibition, such as Ginto Lighting...


Founded in 2011, Foshan Nanhai Ginto Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ginto) is a professional manufacturer of automotive lighting products in China. The company own professional engineering technology development capabilities and industry-leading product trend sensitivity. As the pioneer of automotive LED lighting in China, the car lights are the main products and business scope we provide, keeping up with the trend of international trends, constantly innovating, we have won the favor and follow-up of customers at domestic and abroad with stable and reliable product quality and good business reputation.


With its own excellent technology, Ginto Lighting has frequently appeared in trade fairs, bringing a new experience to exhibitors. Ingenuity, the details know your needs better. Committed to honest management, occupying the market with core technology and forming unassailable competitiveness. in just a few years, it has been well developed and continuously updated, and has been imitated and never surpassed.


Looking at the development trend of automotive lighting in recent years, whether it is a joint venture or a self-owned brand, low-end or luxury brands, LED lights have become the standard for many cars. LED lights are expected to become a trend in automotive lighting applications. With the integration of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, cost reduction, and improvements in efficiency, brightness, and package size, LEDs are rapidly gaining popularity. Automotive lighting has evolved from a basic functional characteristic to a unique feature with high value potential.


And Ginto has a stable team of technicians, technology is the engine of a company, in this respect, we must recognize our own deficiencies, continue to study and learn new technologies, sum up experience, and cannot be separated from reality, only talk about technology, and master core technologies to be healthy, fast and steady development, professional LED electronic engineering experts are the cornerstone of quality assurance, and the vigorous research and development team is the source of continuous innovation.





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